Community Engagement

Community Engagement Projects

Capitol City prepares and implements project-specific community participation plans to engage the community’s input on development projects within their neighborhoods; coordinates community-generated workshops, seminars, meetings and other public forums to ensure the awareness and feedback on community development initiatives. Capitol City facilitates meetings and open forums to share information about development projects to provide the community an opportunity to address concerns on the impact of the development in their neighborhood, respond to questions, announce job or business opportunities and build/strengthen relationship between the local citizens and the developers.

Capitol City assist the community and the developer to draft resolutions, negotiate written memorandum of understandings (MOU), partnership agreements and/or letters of support for a development project to serve as written documentation of the commitment by the developer to the community regarding employment, training, business development or economic development initiatives.

Community Engagement—Federal

GSA—Homeland Security Headquarters/Phase 1

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital/Phase 1

GSA Southeast Federal Center
HUD HOPE VI—Henson Ridge Redevelopment Project


Community Engagement—District

District Department of Transportation

• FY-18 Citywide Pavement Restoration Project
• Green Infrastructure Project
• FY-15 Federal Aid Pavement Restoration Project
• FY-11 Federal Aid Pavement Restoration Project
• Rehabilitation of Oxon Run Trail
• K Street ADA Improvement

Homes at Woodmont/Jeffrey Gardens Apartments

Community Engagement—Maryland

Prince George’s County /Corvias Clean Water Partnership Program